Hearts are things humans own unique to themselves. The heart is the centre of all things both spiritually and physically. I have met alot of strong hearted people and they have been through a lot to get this far in life. They had so much they endured to come into a stage where, they are on par with people who will never encounter such things in their life at all.

Think about it, you can always see how they look like, their expression; listen to what they say, but you will never know what lies beyond the chest deep through the ribs and in the heart itself.

I have people who I can only name out as in A and D; in my journey of life. I am very close with them and I really thank Allah for arranging my life to meet people like them.

They had troubling pasts that wasn’t their fault it happened. They encountered difficult journeys whom I could never imagined being in.Family. Finance. Fights. So much.

For that, I want to say, the heart is something one can’t really judge. Actions reflect on their heart’s reasons and intention. Sincerely, I misjudged them before and I deem to never do such cruel act to anyone again. You shouldn’t too.

If you had alot of darkness in your life. I want to congratulate you and say that I am proud of you. Even if no one says it, I did, keep it and remember it. Keep strong okay?

Thank you, be kind today and help a person.



My blog hasn’t been active for quite some time, and I guess to embrace productivity, I should go back to my passion for both writing and inspiring people.  I want this to be a daily activity spending about 10-15 minutes a day and post up new content if not daily; 3 times a week. I haven’t had a planned schedule yet, however, who ever here is new, feel free to read up those from 2 years back.

My next write will be entitled, HEART. A topic someone special chosen up for me.

Nevertheless, whoever you are reading this, I hope you will be awesome regardlessly. Muslims have this to always bear in mind that, ‘Allah will never burden a soul more beyond what they can bear’. A simple teaching, but it bears fruits that are filled with meaning if you just take some time thinking about it. By that, smile, let the past be past, and move forward with a new spirit.

Enjoy your day, dear readers.



Build and groom yourself up to be multi talented and grow upon the roots of inspiration deep within the heart. Be the best and make the best attempt to achieve perfection as well as rendering satisfaction. Dont waste your talents, and utilise it as much as you can; because you and everyone else in the world are assets, not only for the national scale but on a global scale.
Failure is not permanent. Think of it as less success and success being more success. Never clog up your brain with negativity that might pull you, your body,soul and mind down. Never try, never know right?

Be amazing because you are.

Be awesome because you can.

Think. Imagine. Become.

Be inspired. Stay motivated. Chase your dreams.

Maximise potential

Its been running on my mind to be pushing on myself to my maximum. Reality is everyone have an unknown potential that they never really polish. Many factors like either being too lazy or too ignorant or even people around discouraging them. Especially those of the youth, don’t you think  that it is a terrible waste?

We, the youth have time and energy. It is the best time for us to get the experiences of our life and learn the most. Agreed?

To me, if you know you can do it, if you know you want to learn it; Go for it ! Regardless of what people want to think about you, regardless of what people wil say about you. Yes, there will be those kind of people who will always push us down. Those who are there to put a limit to ourselves. But fight that negativity off. Push it away and stand strong.

Well only you and Allah truly know  yourself. Don’t let people make and shape you. Create your own free willed self and go beyond. 



One can never be too cautious in making backups in something, or anything at all. Something I learnt over the recent weekend. Well you see here, yes we humans are great planners, we can plan and assume things to go our way. But nevertheless, Allah’s plan will forever be the BEST of all plans.

Sometimes be have to look things in a real perspective.


What I’m trying to say here is that we must always have a plan B. Plan C and D if you will. We will never know what is opt to suddenly happen, of course, it’s a sign of Allah’s decree and mercy upon us when things don’t go the way we planned.

For instance, I had such an amazing plan to get a good productive weekend. Yeah, I ‘planned’; But what really happened is that, I got food poisoning and fever. I wasn’t prepared here with any medication whatsoever, which eventually lead me to end up resting the whole day. So much for productivity.

In spiritual thoughts, just as we know that there will one day be a ‘Judgement Day’, have we made the best preparations for it?  Alhamdulillah, Allah gave us our entire worldly lifetime to prepare for the hereafter. But many of the times, we sunk down into the deep mist of dunya. Have we utilise everything up to a point we are fully prepared? Especailly us muslims, we were thought to not waste time as told in *Surah Al-Asr, ( ‘Asr’ meaning time) 1. By (the Token of) Time(through the ages); 2. Verily Man is in loss; 3. Except those who have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

Very simple surah with only 3 verses but meaningful. In general, it can be understood that Allah made it clear that humans are in loss except those who are doing righteous deeds, spreading the Truth and being Patient (sabr). There’s a lot more to be ‘tafsir’-ed but in general, it speaks in that such meaning. Allah knows best.

Time is very precious, spend it with those loved ones and make it worth. You will never when the time is up.Wherever you are, I hope you have a delightful day ahead ! Always stand strong when challenges come. Bye!

*Translation for Muslim Pro App >,<



A morning climb

And so here I are, about 3 months here in Uniten Muadzam Shah.

Having to decide to follow on with a senior to climb Bukit Ridan first thing in the morning. Sincerely I do say that, I underestimated the hill. It was furthur and steeper than I thought it would. Nevertheless, I somehow found inspiration again to reactivate my social accounts and everything else.

The climb was not extremely difficult but it overexceeded my expectations. Even so, the view as amazing.

Just how amazing the creations of Allah is; Taddabur Alam they call it. Seeing the beautiful views. Wow! Alhamdulillah.

Thank you inspiration.


It has been far too long since this blog has been active, I think I got a boost slightly after a lecturer said she read my blog; hahaha.

Nevertheless, after all the drama going in and out for YTN scholarahip and registering into Uniten KHSAS, a lot happened. Two weeks here so far, third week opening up, I personally think another level of maturity have hit me.

Going back to the topic, we, being imperfect humans will always ‘think’ we know what is the best for us, but truthfully, Allah who decides and carve our pathway in life is the who knows us best. He knows all, He sees all. And always, he will always give what’s the best for us. Always!

Think back, how much have we thank Allah for all the nikmah that He, The Almighty gave us? 

When’s the last time we said Alhamdulillah? A second? A minute? A month?

Surely life is just a test, don’t drown into this materialistic world. 



It’s definitely been quite some time, looking for inspiration as well and keeping up to myself with life. Somehow, a sense of deep desire to change this world. Somehow, just somehow the fate that Allah S.W.T and the path He made me go through is what made me the person I am today.

I have been working on a facebook page lately, be sure to check it out. Minor reposts from here for a start there anyways.

I listened to one of Mufti Menk’s podcast entitiled Youth of  the 21st Century, and how he talked about the usefulness of the internet and how syaitan uses it as one of the best weaknest to get to us. The use of Internet makes so much good at our fingertips and also the other way around. 

There is a thought where someone said, Islam says so many things is haram. Haram this, Haram that. But if you have the rational mind to think; It is because there is so much haram amongst us to the point that Islam looks like it forbids so many things. Look, did Islam Change? No. The world changed, please don’t blame Islam.

We of the youth hold so much responsiblity, yet it’s hard for us to realise it. Some know, but don’t act. It is nobody’s fault, but we have to be rightful in our deeds. During the time of the prophet, the youth was so mature, so great and if we compare we us now? AllahuAkbar. We have forsaken Allah’s blessing of the technology we have. Astaghfirullah.

May Allah keeps us on the straight path and forgives us and accepts our repentence.

It’s never too late to start, and never too steep to take a step. Let’s all be useful to the ummah 🙂



Enjoying the morning breeze around my neighbourhood park, but this time, I really put my head into thinking about our country.

What lies ahead of our country? With all this controversial stuff going around and the race barrier going to crumble and fall apart, what is going to happen next? We all have this “tak apa” attitude, which actually kill us from within. Not in specific of any race but in general. We seem to be too relaxed, we seem to not bother yet we talk and kecohkecoh about it and do nothing.

I woke up this morning with someone sending a stream of messages in regards of about the racial problems in Malaysia. It kept me thinking, well I always have been thinking about it and a dream to me would be having everyone to just come as one.

You will most likely have a friend or know someone, Malay, Chinese or Indian right? Have you ever wondered how we will be without any of Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai or some Char Kuey Teow? Well, I can’t. Benda-benda ni dah jadi sebati dalam darah daging kita yet we always try to deny one and another. Tak paham betol. Can’t we all just celebrate our differences. 

I have known Malay people all my life living with them and more, and I myself is a Chinese in a Chinese community and I tend to always be the ‘orang tengah’ of both races. I have learnt a lot listening to both sides and I’m tired of the silent hypocrisy. There is a problem and everyone acts like there is nothing !

You have known me much, you would probably already hear me out about the racial problems that we have. Hahahaha, in fact, I think I would always cerita alot. But that’s why lah, I don’t want them to be racist people, I know them and they are much better than that. It is stupid if we were to go on with the fight that generasi kita  ini tak de kena mengena pon. Why not start fresh? It is stupid if we continue the fight our predecessors made. 

If we keep going on like this, Malaysia will not forward to a better step. We will be stuck at our own self-ignorance and ego.

I’m sorry if this post is very rojak. Cerita pasal Malaysia kena Malaysian sikit.

Racial problems are there, our generation to solve it.

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan

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