Enjoying the morning breeze around my neighbourhood park, but this time, I really put my head into thinking about our country.

What lies ahead of our country? With all this controversial stuff going around and the race barrier going to crumble and fall apart, what is going to happen next? We all have this “tak apa” attitude, which actually kill us from within. Not in specific of any race but in general. We seem to be too relaxed, we seem to not bother yet we talk and kecohkecoh about it and do nothing.

I woke up this morning with someone sending a stream of messages in regards of about the racial problems in Malaysia. It kept me thinking, well I always have been thinking about it and a dream to me would be having everyone to just come as one.

You will most likely have a friend or know someone, Malay, Chinese or Indian right? Have you ever wondered how we will be without any of Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai or some Char Kuey Teow? Well, I can’t. Benda-benda ni dah jadi sebati dalam darah daging kita yet we always try to deny one and another. Tak paham betol. Can’t we all just celebrate our differences. 

I have known Malay people all my life living with them and more, and I myself is a Chinese in a Chinese community and I tend to always be the ‘orang tengah’ of both races. I have learnt a lot listening to both sides and I’m tired of the silent hypocrisy. There is a problem and everyone acts like there is nothing !

You have known me much, you would probably already hear me out about the racial problems that we have. Hahahaha, in fact, I think I would always cerita alot. But that’s why lah, I don’t want them to be racist people, I know them and they are much better than that. It is stupid if we were to go on with the fight that generasi kita  ini tak de kena mengena pon. Why not start fresh? It is stupid if we continue the fight our predecessors made. 

If we keep going on like this, Malaysia will not forward to a better step. We will be stuck at our own self-ignorance and ego.

I’m sorry if this post is very rojak. Cerita pasal Malaysia kena Malaysian sikit.

Racial problems are there, our generation to solve it.

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan


Explore KL

I stopped writing recently to ‘kumpul‘ my thoughts so, I thought I head out to KL for some activity and explore around there. KL has a mass of diversity on its ground alone,with so many races and ethnic. Walking around, you would definitely see people from around the globe, and I am thankful to be a KL-nite all my life, yet I have never really got to know KL. Therefore, last Sunday I took the initiative to explore around KL as well as joining a volunteer activity.I receive alerts to the activity from Youth Malaysia‘s Twitter. @youthmalaysia, be sure to check it out.

The activity I got from Youth Malaysia

I was told to be at Kampung Baru LRT for the roll call at 9.30. But due to a slight delay, I was late. I brought a few packs of cat food and a container of cat crackers in my backpack. My mom, being a mom, advised me to be careful here in Kampung Baru. She said it is a very racist Malay place. This made me even more curious to explore Kampung Baru. After transiting to the LRT station and arriving at Kampung Baru; upon arrival, I was only to notice that it was very empty. In my mind, it kept telling me that the event was over. But then I remembered my mom’s advice which was ” You don’t need a specific volunteering to feed stray animals, you can do it anywhere” Which was true. So I went on solo while walking around Kampung Baru to see what is so racist about this place. I contacted the organiser to see if the event was still on and he said yes, so I told him I will go on solo.


View of LRT Kampung Baru

This was the view immediately after I stepped out of the station. Quiet but the walls were decorated with art. So, my journey went on. It was hot that day, and I was already sweating. Hahaha. Around here, it seems not much of a Malay place anymore I guess. Yeah sure the population of Malay is there, but most of what I see is foreign workers. Here there, everywhere! I went on to a store and nothing awkward about the area. I also spotted a couple of Chinese people. So, I wondered, what is so RACIST about this place. I guess it just scar from how they were treated before or because of history. The wounds might heal, but it will be a scar for long.

img_3353Some cats that I fed. The white one was normal, but the brown one looks very thin and hungry. So, people, do this more often yeah? Even around your house. It can help save some animal’s life.

Then I continued on to LRT Masjid Jamek and see what I can venture around there. I received this I few days back. Originally I wanted to follow up but there were certain circumstances. There was an ijtimak in Masjid Jamek, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. How silly was I to mistaken it for the one near Masjid Jamek. I went in, around 12 that time; and It was empty.I saw a couple of foreigners wanting to enter the mosque but a man at the gate stopped them. I felt a strike in my heart because we are allowed to let non-Muslims into mosques, and there is absolutely no problem with that! How else are they going to see Islam in action? So I asked the guy at the gate head on for not allowing them in, and it was actually because the mosque is under heavy renovation, so to avoid any injuries the tourists are not allowed.

I asked my friends on Whatsapp if they know anything about it the ijtimak. Hahaha. It was actually near Bukit Jalil LRT. FYI, ijtimak is a gathering of Muslims into one place to pray together and develop closer bonds.Since it wasn’t time for Zuhr yet, so I went on to Petaling Street and see what I can find there.

Even though it was a Sunday, but there is still a mass of people, loud and noisy; macam pasar malam. I walked around and captured some scenes. I then walked all the way to Masjid India;(No it is not a mosque for Indians only) Upon being there I could only find peace looking around.


The beauty of a mosque

After prayers, I bought my favourite oil essence which is like a perfume and headed back home. Though it was short, I wanted to document future volunteering trips and activities into this blog. I like to travel, why not share it. KL is wonderful, I am enticed to see where else to explore next time.







Language ;the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. It is also the system of communication used by a particular community or country.

Language is the means, the medium and the bridge for us to connect with others. It is also the road to a successful understanding amongst others. English being the world’s universal language and the global lingua franca sparks an importance for us to learn it. I agree with the fact that our national language is Bahasa Melayu but, we have to keep in mind, globally everything is in English. Yes, our nation have a reliance on Bahasa Melayu for unity but, English is important for us to go global.

The idea here is to implore and emphasise on learning languages. How else are we going to push our da’wah towards? Effective communication is important for others to know Islam. for others to understand the Muslim mind and also for others to realise Islam’s true goal; for peace. Being a person, who can speak up to 5 languages but only being fluent in 2 makes me feel ashamed. I can’t make much da’wah to the Chinese community just yet. I have to polish it more and more.

..An idea is pointless if only you can understand it..

That is why, whatever we have now, whichever language, we must use the best out of it for the sake of da’wah. What is the use if we know a specific language but only to curse or to say bad things? It is pointless both in Dunia and in akhirah.

Language is one of the things Allah gave us the gift with, we have our mouths to speak and to talk to each other. So, that misunderstanding or dispute may not occur. Seeing the world now makes me wonder,are we taking it for granted?

Think. Have you given your best?

Learn more. Be more.
The true goal is Jannah.

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan



Passiona strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. The excitement that thrills the entire body causing us to do more create more and be more. Have you ever have a great passion towards something?

Have you ever nurture the hunt for doing something just because you were inspired by someone or something? Well I have, and recently it has been occurring quite a lot lately too. It wouldn’t say it is a coincidence but, the way I was shown is just amazing. MashaAllah, the way Allah guides us.


The idea here is to put our passion to the max and let it fuel our body with the ‘young people energy‘ that we have, and create a compound of amazing actions. This, however, is only up to the beholder to achieve. Everyone is capable, but not everyone is ‘doing‘. It’s bad enough that sometimes we just doze off or put off the flames that burn in our hearts; worse comes when we just give up ; this is wrong! We need to ignite the flame and push our hearts to do. We can’t just waste our youth. Yes, we are young; we make mistakes, but that’s the beauty of learning itself.
Don’t be too afraid, or too scared to try. Be brave,step up and run forward.

We have to strive and lead a better generation. If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

Don’t be lazy. We can; but not all the time. Grasp opportunities that come by and don;t throw it away.We are young, don’t waste it. We can change the world.

Be ambitious. Be curious. Be amazing.
Because that’s who we are.

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan


Change pt.2

I was walking home as I tweeted on how fast a revert can connect to another revert; possibly because of the fact that they feel and understand each other deep inside. Yeah, it’s very cool and then I started thinking of the much changes I went through in after Islam. Below is true beauty.


After Islam, 

  • Things that were expensive before  become ultimately cheap. Keeping in mind that everything is just temporary makes it far less valuable. Addition to that, having Allah,The richest of the rich make it feel that worshipping him is far more valuable.
  • Knowing the fact that life may last only what, 5 years? 50 years? possibly 120 years old? But that is just very minimal if you see that in the grave, you will have to go through feel ten thousands of years. In the day of Judgement it 50,000 years and many more trials to come. May Allah ease our paths going through it.Thinking it by already makes me feel that everything right here, right now is just a speck of dust compared to the akhirah. 
  • Matters that reflect less last time became so much more valuable. Being a non-Muslim, friends are friends. You will find new ones by time, forgetting old ones. But in Islam, we accumulate friends and cherish the friendship ties with one another until whenever. That is why I love my friends so much.Until Jannah bros ! They All play important roles in life, just like how the Sahaba were to the Prophet.
  • The dispute which looks like nothing became something after Islam. Fights that I do not take much accord of became something I cling my life to solve. This is because little things can cause a great dispute in the Ummah. We are already breaking apart now, and it is less helpful if we keep on fighting and bicker over small things. That is why, I would like to apologise so much if I have ever cause dispute, disappoint, annoy, irritate or even scar you. Please do forgive me. I am here so that we may all go on and pass the trials easily and gather in Jannah. I know I am careless and sometimes just awful. Sorry.
  • If friends are such big matters, look at how Islam put a family in perspective. Families are our comrades, allies and most importantly our bestest of friends. Islam embraces family like no other and even that I am here as a revert, my bloodline and bond with my parents, I assure you will not decrease. My sisters; they are my princessy sisters in the palace in my heart. Don’t even get me started on my future spouse. Haha, no time for that yet. Until Jannah my family, InshaAllah. Amin.


Islam teaches us,
To focus on giving and not taking.
Sharing and reject fighting,
Helping and Smiling,
Not hating even for a while.

Money is a matter of least,
As it focusses on great peace,
From Haiti to Greece,
Making the heart warm and not to freeze.

I like too write poems to by the way.
May Allah grant us all Jannah.Amin

-Mr.Thankful, Vynson Kuan


Feeling that my past few posts mostly dive deep to the side of fear; I figured I would put this up and side it to hope.
Never have I thought much that, the one of the many Ummah’s hope rely on the youth. Its true we don’t produce men like Umar AlKhataab anymore; one who Shaytan runs in fear when he comes, how amazing. You see, Umar’s story inspires me so much and it conceals many thoughts to me in within. I remember once an old uncle told me,”Vynson, you are different, your way to Islam is like those of the Sahaba not like us, we were born.” Those words pushed my head to such which I would gladly put more towards the side of my dreams and towards religion. 
I am amazed, yes I am to see that, a person like Umar could melt with the words of the Quran. I am amazed to see that of which the harsh will dissolve towards the softness of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Can we be like them? Can our friendship last and compete with those of the Sahaba? -thougts that wander in my head

I am happy to be a part of the Muslim revert community which I gained much support and help from people all around. But I am happier to know that I am a part of the Muslim community now. Because you can literally ‘tumpang’ people you don’t even know to the mosque or you can stand in prayer shoulder-by-shoulder and still form a unity. These are stands that we must maintain, failure will cause a great fall.
We don’t want that now do we?
We are all special. Special in our own way. Utilise it to the best point. Sharpen it so others may feel the edge too.

-Mr. Ambitious, Vynson Kuan


Dear ummah,

Don’t you Muslims realised the point and the time the Ummah is at right now? Don’t you feel sad? Do you even have the slightest bit of iman in your heart to feel sad and be disappointed by the state of the ummah right now? Prophet Muhammad PBUH cried for us, he cried! And what are we doing now?

Imagine the sahaba to come at this time? They would fall and cry! Imagine Umar AlKhattab seeing these things and the condition of their ummah now ?!

..then which of the favours of your Loard will ye deny?
– Surahtul Ar Rahmaan

And that’s just Malaysia, haven’t yet to globally in America, UK. O Mankind, have you mankind forgotten this world is merely just a test? Have you given up upon your akhirah and Jannah? Allah gave us the gift of Islam, what are you going to do about it?

Be steadfast and change, if not fast  then slow, if not everyday then a few days. Don’t you get it? We need to start a move.

Internationally, we are getting bullied, we are being oppressed and hated.

Ya Allah, please Ya Allah guide us and show us upon the right way. Let us be able to adapt to modern day society and portray Islam rightfully. Ya Allah purifies our hearts and cleanse our souls Ya Allah. Strengthen our bonds Ya Allah so that Islam will not be oppressed, so that we will not be feared and we will not be hated. Let us be able to spread peace and love. We need the ummah to come together Ya Allah;

It is okay, right now is not the time we feel remorse and regret over the past we have done. Open a new book, a new chapter. Start anew. Yes I admit, we make mistakes, we sin so much astaghfirullah. But now is the time we turn back to Him and start changing from ourselves, slowly. We may fall, we may break but what solely matters is how far we get back and stand !

So dearest ummah, lets build back our ummah!



Ahhh..the age of question of love. The feelings are there, Allah created us that way;so that we may always portray and spread affection to all of mankind. I do admit, it is a beautiful feeling that sparkles each and every part of our soul and makes it blush heavenly. But even so, the highest point of these uncontrollable feelings are during our teenage years and it may not be good.

Not to say I’m extremely mature in this topic but we must be wary and control it properly. Failure to do so may result in many in the same corresponding cases we see in the newspapers as such; rape; illegitimate child and etc.

Even so, I am not saying that each and everyone will result to those consequences but we just have to be careful. Me myself, during these times, flow with so much of this affection once until I was told that only Allah deserves our love right now.Additionally, I want my future spouse to get me at my best so that we may spend it until Jannah.

We shall live by each others happiness not by each others misery.

That is why we must protect ourselves and our iman until then. It may be difficult and trials and tribulations will prevail, but remember our goal is to do the right thing. So always keep strong and be patient. Shaytan will always and always whisper to us doubts and bad things in hopes that we might fall, and sometimes we do! Get a hold of ourselves focus on our ibadah on life. This writing might solely hit directly at me because I too struggled once and still am.

We are the generations of Adam a.s. , we were made to do better and be a Khalifah in this world. Have us all forgotten our true responsibilities?

Remember, we are the youths of the Ummah. We are beloved Ummah of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and we can’t put our importance behind and just go for things our desires tell us to do, right?

If we are in a bad state, who will be leading the future of the Ummah? How will the next generation be? Will we just give and forgo everything that our Islamic predecessors did and destroy the Ummah? I bet not.

If it is not us, who else?

Thank you for the person who inspired me to write this.

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan.



From Vynson to Adam pt.2 (A terrible person)

But soon.. I have not even realised that throughout my achievements, I have nurtured an egoistic mind and soul. Devouring myself, neglecting others; The emptiness in my heart grew. The more I felt directionless towards life. In life, I thought it was just getting rich, give back and that’s it. Popularity and attention were my hunt.

Looking back, it was just , heh…
Alhamdulillah,I was quite blessed with people starting to dislike me, or backbite me. Yes, it was a blessing. If not, I would have never reflected upon my own mistakes. During those times, I was a person who loves to debate, who loves to win. Such a terrible person !! Ego took over me so much. I wanted to claim that Islam and religion were not necessary in life. I mean look I wasn’t religious yet I achieved so much. Therefore, I started to learn about it, Islam. It was one of the factors.

Well then again, there was also another factor, hard to admit but yeah. It was love. I kind  of had a teenage monkey love with a Muslim girl, which had also driven me to take a slight interest in Islam. But still, that time religion was the main wall. I tried to find in loopholes and checking for the Fatwa because of that. So, there it started from those. I am blessed to have experienced all this rather than just to be born Muslim. There were many more signs to this like the early times when I walked into the surau, a senior was praying and unknowingly I was about to walk past him right in front of him. Suddenly, I heard my name called, a weird voice never have I heard. I realised and walked behind him. Looking behind me, no one was around much. That made me wonder till now.That ‘voice’ saved me from disturbing someone praying and kind of save my butt as well because that was a senior.

Still, my friends also did take a major factor for me reverting to Islam. They shown and answered so many of my weird questions.They kept beating me in Islamic debate, which raged me due to my ego. I started learning more to find Islam’s mistake. Sadly, Islam was perfect.




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