Maximise potential

Its been running on my mind to be pushing on myself to my maximum. Reality is everyone have an unknown potential that they never really polish. Many factors like either being too lazy or too ignorant or even people around discouraging them. Especially those of the youth, don’t you think  that it is a terrible waste?

We, the youth have time and energy. It is the best time for us to get the experiences of our life and learn the most. Agreed?

To me, if you know you can do it, if you know you want to learn it; Go for it ! Regardless of what people want to think about you, regardless of what people wil say about you. Yes, there will be those kind of people who will always push us down. Those who are there to put a limit to ourselves. But fight that negativity off. Push it away and stand strong.

Well only you and Allah truly know  yourself. Don’t let people make and shape you. Create your own free willed self and go beyond. 



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