Enjoying the morning breeze around my neighbourhood park, but this time, I really put my head into thinking about our country.

What lies ahead of our country? With all this controversial stuff going around and the race barrier going to crumble and fall apart, what is going to happen next? We all have this “tak apa” attitude, which actually kill us from within. Not in specific of any race but in general. We seem to be too relaxed, we seem to not bother yet we talk and kecohkecoh about it and do nothing.

I woke up this morning with someone sending a stream of messages in regards of about the racial problems in Malaysia. It kept me thinking, well I always have been thinking about it and a dream to me would be having everyone to just come as one.

You will most likely have a friend or know someone, Malay, Chinese or Indian right? Have you ever wondered how we will be without any of Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai or some Char Kuey Teow? Well, I can’t. Benda-benda ni dah jadi sebati dalam darah daging kita yet we always try to deny one and another. Tak paham betol. Can’t we all just celebrate our differences. 

I have known Malay people all my life living with them and more, and I myself is a Chinese in a Chinese community and I tend to always be the ‘orang tengah’ of both races. I have learnt a lot listening to both sides and I’m tired of the silent hypocrisy. There is a problem and everyone acts like there is nothing !

You have known me much, you would probably already hear me out about the racial problems that we have. Hahahaha, in fact, I think I would always cerita alot. But that’s why lah, I don’t want them to be racist people, I know them and they are much better than that. It is stupid if we were to go on with the fight that generasi kita  ini tak de kena mengena pon. Why not start fresh? It is stupid if we continue the fight our predecessors made. 

If we keep going on like this, Malaysia will not forward to a better step. We will be stuck at our own self-ignorance and ego.

I’m sorry if this post is very rojak. Cerita pasal Malaysia kena Malaysian sikit.

Racial problems are there, our generation to solve it.

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan


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