IMG_0692Is change an important matter? Can’t we just live by the same ways as just stick to it. Change should be a very highlighted topic, but of course, it must be a change for the better. For Muslims, they call it ‘hijrah’, means moving or shifting, but it basically implies towards the direction of growth and productivity.

Sometimes, people may not take change very well as they may be uncomfortable with it or just egoistic and be in denial.

Change is an important feature in life as we have to keep improving and learn. Life itself is a long process of learning to become better. Of course, life is a test as well for the ought to come thereafter.The importance of change will create a better person from within us. It is simple, open your mind and just take denial out of the picture.

Soon, you will be able to accept things that might seem out of the norm and accept it. Change for a better future.

It’s not about your way or my way. It’s the best way.

The quote above meant a lot to me and I think I will mean a lot to you too. Shatter off the ego and make the world better

-Mr.Ambitious, Vynson Kuan


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