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I stopped writing recently to ‘kumpul‘ my thoughts so, I thought I head out to KL for some activity and explore around there. KL has a mass of diversity on its ground alone,with so many races and ethnic. Walking around, you would definitely see people from around the globe, and I am thankful to be a KL-nite all my life, yet I have never really got to know KL. Therefore, last Sunday I took the initiative to explore around KL as well as joining a volunteer activity.I receive alerts to the activity from Youth Malaysia‘s Twitter. @youthmalaysia, be sure to check it out.

The activity I got from Youth Malaysia

I was told to be at Kampung Baru LRT for the roll call at 9.30. But due to a slight delay, I was late. I brought a few packs of cat food and a container of cat crackers in my backpack. My mom, being a mom, advised me to be careful here in Kampung Baru. She said it is a very racist Malay place. This made me even more curious to explore Kampung Baru. After transiting to the LRT station and arriving at Kampung Baru; upon arrival, I was only to notice that it was very empty. In my mind, it kept telling me that the event was over. But then I remembered my mom’s advice which was ” You don’t need a specific volunteering to feed stray animals, you can do it anywhere” Which was true. So I went on solo while walking around Kampung Baru to see what is so racist about this place. I contacted the organiser to see if the event was still on and he said yes, so I told him I will go on solo.


View of LRT Kampung Baru

This was the view immediately after I stepped out of the station. Quiet but the walls were decorated with art. So, my journey went on. It was hot that day, and I was already sweating. Hahaha. Around here, it seems not much of a Malay place anymore I guess. Yeah sure the population of Malay is there, but most of what I see is foreign workers. Here there, everywhere! I went on to a store and nothing awkward about the area. I also spotted a couple of Chinese people. So, I wondered, what is so RACIST about this place. I guess it just scar from how they were treated before or because of history. The wounds might heal, but it will be a scar for long.

img_3353Some cats that I fed. The white one was normal, but the brown one looks very thin and hungry. So, people, do this more often yeah? Even around your house. It can help save some animal’s life.

Then I continued on to LRT Masjid Jamek and see what I can venture around there. I received this I few days back. Originally I wanted to follow up but there were certain circumstances. There was an ijtimak in Masjid Jamek, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. How silly was I to mistaken it for the one near Masjid Jamek. I went in, around 12 that time; and It was empty.I saw a couple of foreigners wanting to enter the mosque but a man at the gate stopped them. I felt a strike in my heart because we are allowed to let non-Muslims into mosques, and there is absolutely no problem with that! How else are they going to see Islam in action? So I asked the guy at the gate head on for not allowing them in, and it was actually because the mosque is under heavy renovation, so to avoid any injuries the tourists are not allowed.

I asked my friends on Whatsapp if they know anything about it the ijtimak. Hahaha. It was actually near Bukit Jalil LRT. FYI, ijtimak is a gathering of Muslims into one place to pray together and develop closer bonds.Since it wasn’t time for Zuhr yet, so I went on to Petaling Street and see what I can find there.

Even though it was a Sunday, but there is still a mass of people, loud and noisy; macam pasar malam. I walked around and captured some scenes. I then walked all the way to Masjid India;(No it is not a mosque for Indians only) Upon being there I could only find peace looking around.


The beauty of a mosque

After prayers, I bought my favourite oil essence which is like a perfume and headed back home. Though it was short, I wanted to document future volunteering trips and activities into this blog. I like to travel, why not share it. KL is wonderful, I am enticed to see where else to explore next time.






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